Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

How many looks are included in a headshot session? 

We offer a few different session where a person can choose between 2-5 looks. 

Question 2

How long do photo session's last when booked?

Most of our sessions are between 2-3 hours long depending on how many outfit changes are requested. 

Question 3

Is a deposit required to hold and/or book a session with Jesse Stewart Photography?

Yes. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required when requesting to book a session with us. In case of an emergency a client may move his/her session to another date that is convenient for both parties. In an instance where JSP is unable to fulfill the obligation on a specific date due to an emergency or circumstance the client will be notified ahead of time, fully refunded his/her deposit, and the option to re-schedule their shoot on a more convenient date. 

Are sessions outside or in studio?

All session's are usually shot on location unless a studio session is booked or weather permits. Headshots are best shot in natural light and a lot of casting directors love to see shots of actors in this lighting so this is currently the standard. For specialty projects involving more a commercial shoot, model portfolio, or website promotion materials that involve various shots a studio may be utilized to get the desired look needed for a particular shoot. 

Question 4

Is a make-up artist or stylist needed or included with the shoot? 

No. However, if needed we can arrange to have one on site for your shoot. There is an additional fee for specialist and a session will have to be booked at least 14 days in advance to ensure proper preparation and timing for your project. Please understand that once an artist is requested and agreed to an additional deposit will be required to book the professional for your shoot. Pricing is determined by the make-up artist and/or stylist. A client may also bring his/or her own make-up artist or stylist to assist on set for there shoot. 

Question 5

Is there a discount if i'm referred by a manager, agent, or friend? 

Yes! We do provide a discount when referred by a manager, agent, or friend. In order for us to apply the discount please include in your contact form the name, email, and or contact information of the referring party or have them email us themselves at Information must be provided before session is booked! If information is provided after session is booked, discount could not be applied. 

Question 6

"I always use JSP!"

"I've been shooting with Jesse Stewart for over 3 years now and utilize his services for everything!" 

"He's never let me down and since i've booked an agent, landed multiple gigs, and built a strong social media presence solely off my images! Thanks JSP!"

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